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About Susan Clifton

Susan Clifton, the Painter of Thought, has always been viewed as a born artist in her work, as well as in her temperament.

She proudly admits to years of wild abandon canvassing her extra artistic affairs as a dancer, photographer, art director, and graphic and web designer, while to this day, she remains faithful to her first love: Painting.

Though her painting major at Philadelphia College of Art and the School of Visual Arts in New York City provided a strong foundation for her talent, her two greatest mentors entered her life after school was out.

Their fame transcends the international art world of late Twentieth Century Photography. Richard Avedon and Saul Leiter worked very closely with Susan during her years as an art director and graphic designer on New York’s mad Madison Avenue. She credits these icons as the essential contributors to her heightened sense of color and composition, as well as her boldness in moving forward as the sole pioneer of a thoughtful new perspective on art itself.

Her latest feat, “Grey Matter,” changes the face of figurative art. This high-energy series of graphics, colors, and words paint us the whole picture of the self we strive to become. We’re inspired by each figure’s thought process that deepens our visual experience with a lasting imprint on our psyches.

My process

it’s hard to understand from photographs what my artwork is about or how it is actually created. Some people think it’s newspaper that has been cut up and glued on to the canvas and some think I draw lines to create shapes and aren’t even aware that there are words on the canvas. I created a video that shows the process, I’d love your feedback on my first attempt at explaining my work.

The Fabric

Cutting to pieces

Applying the pieces

Things to know about the artwork

• They’re created with Fabric Mosaic
• The fabric is printed with positive affirmations
• The fabric is cut with a cutting wheel
• Each piece is put on one at a time
• Gel medium is used for the glue
• The original paintings are on canvas
• Each painting has it’s own theme

Things to know about me

• I have a lot of patience
• I’m inspired by thought leaders
• I do a lot of work on myself
• Which leads to ideas for paintings
• I’m a serial entreprenuer
• Creativity is at my core
• I Aspire to Inspire!

Original Artworks Available

at SusanClifton.com

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